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If you are part of a military family, then VAFinances is your new source for improving your financial life by learning from finance professionals.  We’re here to teach you how to use your unique military advantages and fill in the financial knowledge gaps that you may have because you dedicate your time to serving our great country.  Please enjoy the information we have posted on our blog, but don’t stop there!  We like to be interactive, which means we want to hear from you.  Call us, message us, ask us questions and tell us what you want to learn!  We don’t exist without you, so tell us what you need.  We look forward to hearing from you.


What Clients Are Saying

Joel is a rare breed in this or any business. He is not pushy and doesn't make you feel guilty for taking his time, even if you don't immediately (or ever) proceed with a loan. This guy is a class act, and he knows his stuff.

-jacobdreizin, Fairfax, VA (via

Joel was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process of my wife and me purchasing our home. It was our first time through the whole process, and he helped explain every aspect of it. We had numerous people tell us how fun it would be to go through everything and buy a home, but what they don’t tell you is the amount of stress that comes with it. Joel was the reason that we had very little stress.

-Michael, St. Charles, MO (via Facebook)

I would truly recommend Joel to anyone needing not only a great rate, but a great experience in their search for a mortgage loan.

-twism2222, O'Fallon, MO (via

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Found Around the Web: The Paycheck Chronicles Discusses Escrow Accounts and How They Affect Your Mortgage Payments And to think, I’ve been running a Military Finance blog for a year now, focusing on mortgage above all else since it’s our #1 area of expertise, and I’ve yet to touch on the topic of Escrow Accounts. …

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How to Best Structure a VA IRRRL Transaction

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The Lowest Rate is not Always the Best Idea While the process for doing a VA IRRRL was laid out in a previous post, today we are discussing a very specific and extremely important aspect of your refinance: How to Structure a VA IRRRL. When I say “structure”, here is what I mean: what mix…

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Renewing Interest in Savings: Account Examples

By Michael Swaleh | Jul 19, 2016
Military Savings Account Comparison

Military Savings Account Comparison Last week we brought up some questions: What is the right mix between saving cash and investing? Where should I invest?  Who has the best savings account for me?  What else do I need to consider? A couple of those we answered.  We talked about whether we should be saving or…

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We can help with VA Mortgage Loans for New Homes or VA Mortgage Loan Refinances. Pulaski Bank (who I represent) is one of the premier mortgage lenders for VA Loans.

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