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VAFinances is designed to help veterans and their families find answers to their most pressing credit, home-buying, VA Loan and financial questions.




Michael Swaleh

Michael Swaleh #739145, Branch Manager 314-478-3699

Michael Swaleh comes from a Military family, although he himself has not served.  "The joke in my family is that all my brothers went into the military except me, who went went to grad school so I could teach everyone else how to live when they got out."  Well, it's working so far!  He is a 10 year veteran of the mortgage industry, but his path and experiences are a little different.  Originally licensed as a Financial Advisor, Mike moved to mortgages in 2006 around the time he earned his Master's in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.  Quickly, he rose to the management ranks due to an unrelenting focus on accountability, quality and expectation setting.  In 2013, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to star on Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" as leader of the Tikka Tikka Taco truck.  He brought with him his Army veteran brother and their uncle, and they sought out to win a food truck!  After two months, and seven grueling episodes, they took 2nd place out of 8 teams.  It was through this endeavor that he was introduced to the world of web-based marketing.  Mike has done it all, and has a lot to share.  He graduated with a B.S. in Commerce from Santa Clara University in 2005.



Joel Farrell

Joel Farrell #573461 Branch Manager 314-956-1580

Joel Farrell is also a 10 year veteran in the mortgage industry.  He specializes in VA Financing for clients all across the country. "The feedback I get most often is that my clients love that I can help them wherever in the country they PCS to, and even when they leave the Military.  We get to know each other well during a mortgage, it's nice to have one point of contact no matter where you go." Once a high-performing lending consultant to financial advisors, Joel one day realized that nothing compared to the feeling of helping our National heroes get ahead of the game, and decided to focus on sharing his learnings to that end.  Joel’s successes can be attributed to a relentless work ethic and an uncanny desire to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Joel believes accessibility and transparency are the leading qualities for delivering great customer service, and is fundamental for developing return business.  Joel has a B.S. in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis.




Both Joel and Michael started their careers in telesales serving financial advisors and their clients.  In the telesales platform,  their 20 years of combined experience mixed with a fast-paced + high volume + white glove service environment and became a recipe for success.  Now, they focus on sharing their wisdom, using their experience to give their clients game-changing service, adding value with unconventional insight and deeper analysis and building a legacy that will change the mortgage industry for the better.

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