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Ben Carson: ‘We don’t need a Department of Veteran Affairs’….What?

Here at, we certainly don't make a habit of getting political very often.  However, when we hear a comment that seems to cut right at the very core of our following, our ears do perk up.  Many of you have experience with the VA, so we thought this was relevant.

Apparently, Dr. Carson was quoted as saying it was not necessary to have a separate department to handle the administration of benefits to veterans, and that it could be rolled up to the Department of Defense.  Now, it's clear that he was NOT saying that veterans should not receive benefits, but he thinks there are other ways of administering them.  See here:

What do you think?  

Personally, I think Fox News is ignoring one very big fact in its analysis:   The VA does more than just administer health benefits.  Think about all of the different benefits veteran's have available to them: education, home and business loans (obviously, we are very familiar with the mortgage benefits here!), as well as many others.

However, having witnessed first hand how difficult it can be to get answers, sound advice, or even the actual benefit you are entitled to, I do believe some improvement in the process is absolutely necessary!

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below.



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