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Why We Offer the Best VA Mortgage

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What WE Offer That Makes Us "The Best VA Mortgage"

We now have article after article showing and explaining different parts of the loan shopping phase, loan processing phase, credit building and repair, and dissecting some of the finer points of VA financing.  Along the way, I’ve dropped hints and described small parts of what we offer as a lender and how that might be different from what’s widely available.  Well, by popular demand, here is an article that spells out definitively why you should choose to work with us as opposed to anyone else.

I do want it to be known, however, that part of the reason I don’t do more of this is because many of you rely on us for unbiased information, so everything cannot be a sales pitch.  At the end of the day (as Joel always says), I want you to work with whomever you trust most to deliver.

Here are some reasons why we should be those people.

We Have Been Told, Over and Over, That Our Rates are the Best Available

The choice of lenders to work for is not one that we make lightly.  Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses, as with anything.   Joel and I choose to work with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation because they give us incredible support and they add tremendous value to our process. Since they have our backs, this allows us to save money that we would have spent ourselves and directly pass our savings on to you, our client. This allows us to offer unbeatable rates and fees.

Literally, unbeatable—not able to be beat, in most cases.  Of course, at any moment in time another lender can choose to run a sale, or cut margins for a limited time, or give you an insane deal because you have something else they want, so we do (rarely) see instances where someone matches or beats our pricing.  If this happens, we tell you straight up, or we match it.  Of course, Fairway cannot control what any other lenders do so they can never guarantee that our rates will be the best.

However, from what Joel and I see on a daily basis, our rates give us a huge competitive advantage that we know how to leverage on your behalf…which brings me to our next selling point.

We Structure Deals in a Way That Makes Most Sense for YOU, Not Just the Bank

There are a few instances in the mortgage process that we have to make choices, and unavoidably these decisions will impact someone’s bottom line. Our access to below market pricing gives us the ability to make sure these decisions turn out in your favor.  One example of this is Lender Credits, which I have written about in great detail here. Briefly, what you need to understand is this: rates are not an isolated factor; they always have an attached cost structure that can be raised or lowered.  Therefore, sometimes our better pricing is not passed to you as a lower Note Rate, but instead with bonus money that we can use to pay your closings costs (so that you don’t have to), which in turn lowers your APR.  This is a decision you get to make—lower Note Rate or lower up front cost?  We help advise you, but not everyone gives you the choice.  Some lenders avoid offering substantial lender credits because of the risk to them: if you pay off your loan too early they don’t have time to recover the cost.  We don’t worry about that; we just do the right thing.

Our Team

This is where my partners deserves some long due credit—no one knows VA Lending like they do.  No one has creatively structured more deals or personally won the trust of more active duty military personnel and Veterans than they have by their transparency, integrity, unrelenting work ethic, and pure willingness to keep going until the job is done.  There are thousands of little nuances in lending, especially VA lending, and they can mean the difference between paying thousands of dollars more than you need to if they are not handled correctly.  I’ve never seen anyone with a better grasp on that than our team.  Whether it’s qualifying guidelines, investor idiosyncrasies, handling of the Funding Fee, improving credit, or timing of a specific scenario, we have seen it, done it, and can navigate you through it. We’ve built a team that is based on this way of doing business, and we are all here to act in your best interest.  One of Joel’s favorite phrases is “we find value where other people don’t even know to look”, and I think that sums it up perfectly.  For the record and by contrast, my favorite phrase tends to be “where’s lunch today?”.

We Move With You!

I think that are many people that take this for granted.  Using a local lender that you can meet face to face has its benefits, not the least of which is easier accountability.  However, you typically give up more than you get by going this route--especially if you are one of the many military families that has to move across state borders from time to time.  We are a local lender with access to a national platform, and we are working on getting licensed to lend in all 50 states.  We've already made significant progress.  With us, you get that accountability, you get the best rates no matter where you go, and you get a Loan Officer that you can trust will be there not only for this transaction, but for the next one, and the next one, and the next one.  In fact, Joel as an ‘active duty’ client that he has helped with 4 mortgages in 3 states over the last 2 years, which is 1 impressive feat.

There are many reasons to trust us with your move or refinance, but these are a great start.  Start a conversation with us and begin to see this in action, and you’ll be impressed.  We look forward to hearing from you!




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